Information Architecture

From discreet project to enterprise-level implementations, our team can help identify how these cutting edge areas of the tech services market can make your business more productive, more profitable, and more insightful.

Whether you operate an enterprise that began with Data Management in mind, or whether your company has evolved over time and is in need of serious data syncronization, the first step toward capitalizing on all that Data has to offer is gaining an understanding of the current state of your business using an Information Architecture Analysis.

An IAA is a global process designed to see all of the information that is produced, gathered, and used by every member of your enterprise.  The general goal is accuracy and reality, so it is important to enter the process prepared to see your business as it is, rather than how you would like it to be (that step is next!).  The ability to take an honest and realistic look at how your company currently functions is essential as you develop your future business architecture.

While the steps of the analysis are easy to identify, executing them requires a great deal of skill and expertise.  Often, business leaders are so connected to their current way of operating, that it is difficult for them to view their operating processes with a critical eye.  Emergent Intelligence specializes in providing this critical analysis by working with your team to ensure that everyone in the organization has valuable input in designing how the business will function in the future.

In general Terms, these are the essential steps to any Information Architecture Analysis:

  1. Clearly state your business objectives.
  2. Identify how your objectives are accomplished–identify specific tasks and processes, and be thorough.
  3. What departments & employees complete each task, and in what order?
  4. What information is collected throughout each process, and how is it collected?
  5. What software, services, platforms, or other technology are used, and by whom?  What is the cost of each of these tools on an annual basis?
  6. How are departments linked, and what happens to the information each department collects?
  7. Can you identify any apparent duplication, patterns, or other overlap that could be turned into efficiencies?

Emergent Intelligence is eager to discuss scheduling an Information Architecture Analysis for your organization, and to get you moving toward an effective Company Information Strategy.