Business Operation Design & Transformation

Why Automation?

The minutes in your day are the only true currency you have to spend.  How much of this precious resource does your company squander?  If you examine everything you do in your work week, or your work day, how many of those tasks truly help you achieve your business goals?  How many tasks did you spend time on that can be directly and objectively traced to an important accomplishment or milestone.  How many tasks did you spend time on that were a lower value use of your time?

Here are some examples of tasks that may not be a worthy use of your precious time:

  • Retrieving information that could be captured in a more efficient way
  • Building reports
  • Drafting documents
  • Receiving and reviewing general business communications, bills, or other administrative correspondence
  • Filing documents

Business Operation Transformation takes your business as it exists today, and examines all of the processes that make your business tick with a critical eye.  For every task, process, or work event that makes up your work-week, it is important to ask:

  1.  Why do we do this?
  2. Is this task necessary?
  3. If so, can this process, or some portion of it, be automated?

Immediate Return on Investment

In a nutshell, advances in machine learning, AI, data collection and transformation tools, etc. have made the automated collection and organization of information much faster and more reliable than doing the same task manually.  A properly designed business process and information architecture can relieve your key personnel from the burden of completing lower-level administrative tasks.  But your company doesn’t have to make a sacrifice in order to free up critical time resources for your employees.  On the contrary, automation can ensure that the same tasks get done with extreme consistency, faster, and with a higher degree of accuracy and precision than when the same tasks are done manually.